HP iPAQ 6515 Review

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

If you want one device to do it all, the quad-band HP iPAQ hw6515 deserves a serious look. Key features include Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC (second edition), EDGE high-speed data support, a 312 MHz Intel xScale processor, 55 MB of RAM, Bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera, and a 240 x 240 color touch screen. When coupled with a Cingular data plan, this little number makes a powerful mobile office.

Give yourself the best in connectivity, productivity, and mobility! With high-end features including GSM/GPRS/EDGE technologies and multiple messaging, the sleek HP iPAQ hw6515 is ready to serve your mobile communications needs.

CNET reviewed HP iPAQ 6515 :
The compact HP iPaq hw6515 features Bluetooth, EDGE, GPS radios, and solid battery life. The smart phone also has a QWERTY keyboard and various messaging options. Unfortunately, the HP iPaq hw6515 doesn't have integrated Wi-Fi or Windows Mobile 5, and it suffers from sluggish performance occasionally. The HP iPaq hw6515 offers great tools for the mobile professional, but its poky performance keeps it from achieving smart-phone greatness.

Palm Treo 650 Review

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cingular Wireless and palmOne Inc. today announced the availability of the Treo 650 smartphone, the first device of its kind to take advantage of the carrier's EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution) network -- the fastest national wireless data network in the country. The Treo 650 also is a quad-band worldphone, so Cingular customers can make and receive voice calls in 170 countries and access data in nearly 75 countries. The Treo 650 combines a compact, full-featured mobile phone with email, a Palm OS organizer, messaging, web access and digital camera, letting users organize and simplify their business and personal lives all in one device.

The newest member of the Treo family builds on the award-winning design of the Treo 600 with new and improved features, including a high-resolution screen; expanded multimedia capabilities, such as an MP3 player and video capture and playback; removable battery; non-volatile memory; and Bluetooth wireless technology. Equipped with EDGE technology, the Treo 650 can access accelerated data speeds averaging up to 135 kilobits per second (kbps), which is nearly three times the speed of a conventional wired dial-up connection. Cingular's EDGE network is available in more than 8,500 cities and towns and along 30,000 miles of highways. EDGE's fast data speeds and widespread coverage, combined with a high-resolution screen, improved QWERTY keyboard for easy text entry, and user-replaceable battery, make the Treo 650 an ideal platform for enterprise email and vertical market applications. When deployed with enterprise email solutions, such as Cingular's XpressMail or GoodLink by Good Technology, the Treo 650 enables users to send and receive email, meeting invitations, and updates to contact directories and to-do lists.

CNET reviewed The Palm Treo 650:
The Palm Treo 650 benefits from an improved display and keyboard, integrated Bluetooth, and a speakerphone. The world phone also has a 312MHz processor, Palm OS 5.4, multimedia, and e-mail support. Sadly, the Palm Treo 650 has meager integrated memory, no built-in Wi-Fi, and a low-resolution camera. Also, the Treo 650's headphone jack isn't standard size, and you can't use its Bluetooth as a wireless modem. Though it has its shortcomings, the Palm Treo 650 offers solid performance and adds some key features to maintain its reign as smart-phone leader.